Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Festival of Chocolate

Hello there,

Sorry for the long pause between the last post & now...we have been up to our eyes in chocolate (there are certainly worse places to be).  The last few weeks have been spent putting the finishing touches on the products in preparation for The Chocolate Festival in Bristol which took place Easter weekend.

It was our first food festival and we were overwhelmed with the public response.  We ran tastings and really interacted with the crowd who genuinely seemed excited about our new & innovative products, especially our chocolate spiced tarts.  It's a natural reaction for most people to be wary of new flavour combinations, especially when you mention the words white chocolate, fennel seed, aniseed & menthol in the same sentence!  That was the fun part though because we knew that we had the created the perfect balance of flavours which was proven with unanimous smiles, even from the anti-white chocolate crusaders.  
The dark chocolate infused with our own chai blend was a big hit amongst the true chocoholics who loved the smooth, rich flavour of the Grenada blend with the spices.

Our chilli & almond coconut macaroons were also a big hit.  A drizzle of dark chocolate melting on your tongue as you the soft coconut caresses your mouth and just when you think it's over, a tickle of Kashmiri chilli powder warms your throat.  Eyes widen as the taster realises what is happening and they pause, as if to fully embrace the experience.  A smile takes over and an accepting look comes my way before they dive back into the bag for another.


The biggest talking point was, without a doubt, our chocolate naans.  Chocolate Naan?  (It was very hard not to think of Peter Kay every time this question was asked & recite the Garlic Bread? script)  Yes you did hear right and they were warm from the oven.  Whether you like your chocolate dark & bitter or sweet & nutty, there was a naan for everyone!

We also discovered some new delicious products, our favour of which were the fair & square cherry brownies - let them melt in your mouth while feeling good about where they've come from.  @fairbrownies.  The second was a chocolate fortified wine which was described as a chocolate port & liquid black-forest gateaux....hello, you had me at chocolate port! @lovetasting.

A fantastic weekend & a great learning.  Cant wait to do it all again this weekend at Taste of India food market at the Southbank centre.  We'll be there Fri-sun from midday until 8pm (6pm Sunday) - check our upcoming events page for more details - www.pistachiorose.co.uk.

We'd love to see you there!

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