Saturday, 19 May 2012

New Delicous Discoveries

I want to continue the sharing of my new discoveries this month so here they are...

Duke of Delhi

A brand very much after my own heart - re-creating authentic Indian foods with a subtle British angle.  The Duke brings spiced savoury snacks (aka bombay mix to the masses) and lightens them with aromatic orange, chunks of chocolate or extra nuts for a more refined way to enjoy this every day snack.  Check out his website for the full product range and find out more about the company.

Raman's Chutneys was lucky enough to have the lovely ladies behind Raman's as my neighbours at Hampton Court and their big smiles were the perfect brightener under the rain clouds.  Their relishes are created using Indian spices, British vegetables and modern cooking techniques which give a deep yet fresh tasting chutney.  You can use them as a stir-in sauce, marinade, accompaniment to any meal or one of my favourites - piled on top of mature cheddar in a crusty bread sandwich.  They've also appeared on Hairy Bikers and I would definitely recommend popping along to see them at their next event.

Afia's Samosa Shop the smell of freshly fried samosas and bhajias came wafting down to my Hampton Court Stall, I followed my nose and met the family two doors down all pitching in to Afia's stall.  Her samosa batter was the perfect balance of crisp (outside), soft (inside) and moist (throughout) and the fillings were well spiced.  My favourite was the scotch bonnet spiced vegetable but the chilli chicken was a close second.  She also creates a gluten-free recipe so that everyone can enjoy them!

Heavenly Hendricks Gin
Ok so actually not a discovery but their stand was definitely a fan's haven.  Dressed in tweed, the ambassadors of this delicate spirit presented their apothecary-themed counter with trays of minature drinks, perfect for hard-working exhibitors ;-)  Cool, crisp cucumber acting as the perfect compliment to this delicious drink.  All that was missing was the warming rays of the sun but instead I cooed over their centre piece - this beautiful roll top bath appropriately surrounded by 'medicinal' bottles of gin...

I'd love to know if you've already seen these guys and if so what you think so please do comment as great foodie finds are all about the sharing!

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