Saturday, 19 May 2012

Lamb kofta & beautiful salads at Ottolenghi
Hello my small but perfectly-formed audience.  Once again I'm opening this entry with an apology about the lack of update which, quite frankly, is just dull.  I am therefore vowing from this point forward, to commit to a weekly entry to be filled with all relevant news about my week and if I feel it's been less than productive, I'll just write about the delicious food I've eaten.

So since the last update I took the infamous chocolate naans to the Great Brixton Bake Off where they came first in the bread competition which was very exciting. Judges included the owner of Patisserie Valerie & Levi Roots the lovely Mayor of Lambeth presented our gift vouchers very generously donated by Morelys department store.

We also popped up at Hampton Court foodies festival & Little Venice Calvanacade over the wet bank holiday weekend.  Hats off to all those that braved the showers in the name of good food (although I can think if no better cause)...I definitely got some inspiration for my umbrella shopping!
The winning tasting box
I did my best to put the damp weather to bed by  setting the mini naan oven on fire, twice.  If my poor customers were bold enough to brave the cold, the least I could do was put on a flaming chocolate naan show.

It was the first time the miniature chai & pistachio rose cakes came out to play & were a big hit so they'll definitely be a regular feature in the future.  We also decided to giveaway a taster box containing every product which went to a lovely lady called Bernadette from Weybridge in exchange for her email address, simples.

I want to say a big thank my cousin Vikam, who has helped me at every food festival over the last month - his enthusiasm, passion and humour have been amazing & kept me sane when operating on little or no sleep.

I'll be back next week and I'm off to spend my weekend with my sister in her newly-purchased house as a first-time buyer and visit some family who are over from India...I think a lot of food is about to come my way! 

Have a great weekend,

Rekha x

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