Monday, 30 July 2012

Bubble, Bicycles & Bhangra Burgers

What started out as a reasonably quiet week turned into a trio of weekend events!  But that's what keeps it exciting.

Dickens Kedgeree with Clarence Court Eggs
The Bhangra Burger
Friday night saw me seated at Camden Town Brewery's Brewer's Table where I happily brought dessert to the locals who were enjoying their craft beers in the evening sun before the opening ceremony.  I was a very happy neighbour to Bhangra Burger, What the Dickens? and Bare Grillz, all of whom kept the crowd satisfied with hearty spiced burger wraps, heritage kedgeree & rare steak kebabs (in that order).  Unfortunately I didnt get to watch any of the opening ceremony but a quick toilet break just happened to be timed with the queen turning around at the piano & greeting Mr Bond...i-player is still on the to-do list!  A fun night out with a great crowd and stunning beer - it's all about the weiss bier for me!

We returned to Acklam Village (our addition still pending!) this weekend following the hugely successful opening last weekend.  There were a stream of live singers performing soul, funk & sultry blues which kept the bar buzzing all afternoon while the crowds perused the plethora of hot food stalls including Vinn Goute & Queens of Sheeba.  Even with yesterday's freak shower storms, the break in rainfall saw people rushing in to get their foodie fix but the most satisfying feeling was seeing customers return to our stall from the previous week or previous markets, ready to try a different Pistachio Rose dessert or just buy their favourite.

Putney Bridge is waiting....
The first leg on Saturday morning

The third leg of Pistachio Rose presence this weekend was on my home turf for the Putney Olympic Cycle Race.  It was a beautiful sight to walk over the traffic-free bridge in the morning with my boxes and really feel the buzz of excitement in the air.

Putney Riverside with Chez Stephan
I was lucky enough to partner with a local creative who sells fine wine, fine art & fine haircuts!  This weekend saw a showcase of French wine stall which was the perfect compliment to my delicate pastries & new madeleines.  A white chocolate tart with a hint of fennel & anise interspersed with sips of bubbly Burgandy Cremant...heaven!

Finally I am very pleased to be a new guest blogger at Huffington Post and will be writing pieces about general foodie affairs and the community of start ups.  You can find my first entry here

A fantastic opening weekend for the olympics & long may the buzz and sunshine continue!


Pistachio Rose & Cardamom Cake

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